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Environmental Services Technician

Rochester, NY · Healthcare
Together with the largest teaching hospital in Rochester, TES Staffing has placed hundreds of people into long term, stable careers within the Environmental Services Department.

An environmental services technician is responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the hospital. This includes traditional janitorial tasks like mopping and dusting and requires an understanding of proper handling and disposal of biological waste.  On top of it all, customer service and empathy are at the top of our character traits of the most successful people in the field.

Why apply?
Efficiency: Working through TES Staffing, employees are hired permanently into the hospital 80% faster than if they were to apply on their own. 
Foot in the door: many successful hospital employees started with TES Staffing and moved into patent care roles, administrative roles and leadership roles within the hospital.
Benefits: TES Staffing pays weekly.  This is a much shorter than average “vesting” period; many employees are made permeant by the hospital within 320 hours (8 weeks).  Benefits to being a hospital employee include:
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Robust Retirement
  • Wellness Opportunities
  • Paid Sick leave, FMLA, and Long -term disability
  • United Health Care Workers Union accessibility  
  • Tuition Waivers
  • Home Ownership Program
  • Staff Awards/Recognition Programs
  • Discounts/Perks
What’s the pay and hours? We offer flexible schedules that are determined in three-month blocks- we offer 20-37.5 hour work week, weekend only shifts, and have opening across A, B, and C shifts.  During your time with TES Staffing, pay rates for each shift are $12.53, 13.28 and $13.53.  Once you are a permanent employee, you can expect an hourly increase.  It is expected all employees will work every other weekend and holiday.

TES Staffing is actively recruiting for committed, skilled and professional employees.  If you have any health care experience, strong customer service skills, or are looking for a career change- please send us your information and a team member with connect with you to discuss.  
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