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Part Time Emergency Communications Specialist- 24 hours week

Rochester, NY · Healthcare
TES Staffing is seeking a professional and committed candidates for an essential and critical communications position within the largest hospital and employer in Rochester.
If you are interested in getting your foot in the door and gaining experience in emergency communications, this could be a perfect fit for you.  This department is essentially the command center for the entire organization and perilous to safety and security to all employees, patients and guests.
Contract to hire after 320 hours
Hours: 6:45a - 3:15p, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  
Pay: $17.5/hr
Location: Reporting in person in Rochester, New York
Job Description:
  • Respond to service calls and requests by answering telephone, e-mail, and web-based (to include social media) service call requests from members of the university community and non-university community.
    • Troubleshoot response to the nature of the request, with special attention to critical situations.
    • Create, assign, and dispatch work orders to appropriate personnel and departments to include mechanics, supervision/management, vendors, Public Safety, ITS, customers, lab representatives, Environmental Health and Safety, Environmental Services, Clinical Engineering or other depending on the level and severity of the request.
    • Determine which service calls should be elevated to emergency status.
  • Assist with resolution of facilities operational problems within defined schedules and service level agreements
    • Advise management of tasks requiring priority attention.
    • Maintain daily logs of facility issues and maintenance activities.
  • Continuously monitors and responds to building automation system alarms. Alarm types include: life safety, critical, field panel failure, water, routine, urgent, normal, out of service, disabled, disconnected, offline, etc.
    • Troubleshoot and respond to alarms within 5-10 minutes. Analyze multiple alarms and compare to shutdown notices or control center shutdowns which provides notification of mechanics working in area.
  • Respond to emergencies to include fire alert, fire alert confirmed, amber alert, utility alert, command center activated, code team and code team pediatric.
    • Answer emergency call requests from Public Safety and all other members of the university community.
  • Prepare emergency notification check list. Follow emergency protocols accordingly to include contacting supervisor and manager on call as well as senior leadership, notifying them of the emergency and respond to their recommendations
    • Provide updates to necessary staff, throughout the emergency (paging, text messaging, making additional calls
  • Manage Comprehensive management program which houses critical facilities information – absences, shutdowns, staff work location, week end and holiday hours, after hours, on-call, off-site, elevator, fire panel, vehicles list, critical phone numbers, waste/recycling); update on-call personnel and contact information.
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